Here’s the real me

Here’s the honest truth

I get so scared

To come as I am to you

I am dirty, unworthy

To even speak your name

But you receive me, you won’t leave me

And I hear you say


You love my bruises and my scars

You love my complicated heart

Top of the world, standing so tall

Or back pressed up against the wall

You see my guilt, you know my shame

It doesn’t change a single thing

So Jesus I come, Jesus I come

Just as I am, because I am who you love

Who you love, who you love


Not all cleaned up

Trying to hide my flaws

You want my heart

Every secret I’ve got

So your mercy can cleanse me

And make me new

Come and break down my walls now

I’m giving it all to you




And you gave your life

To rescue mine

And show me I am yours forever

You hold me close

You won’t let go

And I know that I am yours forever