(Jasmine Murray / Chuck Butler / Nate Smith / Deanna Harper)

I kept saying that I love You

So why did I act like You were not enough

Not enough

I would tell You that I need You

Then take control and not give it up

Give it up

My pride pushed You away and

My heart could only break but

You were there always there

On my knees I’m finally saying


I’m so done and I’m movin’ on

With the rest of my life

The rest of my life

All things new I am trusting You

With the rest of my life

The rest of my life

I could never be perfect

But Lord your grace is always enough

Always enough

It doesn’t matter what the burden

Because Your strength will lift me up

Lift me up

My past cannot compare to

The future I have with You

I am free and I can see

There are no more chains to hold me



And I give You all of me

Lord I give You everything

I know You are with me

Even if I fall

You will hold me through it all

You complete me


© 2016 Fair Trade Global Songs, Jasmine Murray Publishing, Be Inspiring (BMI),

Jord A Lil Music / Be Essential Songs (BMI), Centricity Music Publishing (ASCAP) and Candlelit Garage Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.