(Jasmine Murray / Colby Wedgeworth / Ethan Hulse)

Your love is patient Your love is kind

You always breakthrough for this heart of mine

Your love is pure like the morning light

There’s no one like You that can give me life

And when my heart is broken

From so many times I’ve loved and lost

You sew me back together

Carefully, wonderfully, fearfully


No other love

Is like Your love

Cause You gave Your everything for me

You won my heart

Right from the start

And You hold me for eternity

No other love

Your love’s divine and mysterious

And it’s as endless as the universe

Your love is more than I can understand

Forever holding me within Your hands

I feel my heart is reaching

When I catch a glimpse of who You are

You made this soul to love You

Carefully, wonderfully, fearfully



Nothing else will do

Nothing else but You

Nothing else

Nothing else

There’s no place I can hide

That Your love cannot find

You run after me

You run after me


© 2016 Fair Trade Global Songs, Jasmine Murray Publishing, Be Inspiring (BMI) / Fair Trade Music Publishing, Colby Wedgeworth Music (ASCAP )/ Be Essential Songs, EGH Music Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.