(Jasmine Murray / Seth Mosley / Matt Hammitt)

I’ve been walked on and let down and lied to

Felt the sting of life

I’ve been stranded abandoned and branded

As a broken child

These are the things that have marked my heart

But You’ve always loved me from the start


I know You’re never gonna hurt me

I know, I know You’re trustworthy

Oh Lord You’ll never desert me

And through the fire and the flood 

You’ve never given up 

Every fear I’ve faced, every tear I’ve cried

Every dark night You’ve been there by my side

Every step, every step

Every step of the way

No more doubting and striving and hiding 

Now I am secure

Your arms have me covered You love like no other 

I am yours

And You wear the scars that unchained my heart

And now I am saved I am safe in who You are



I have a hope

On this broken road

I’m not alone

Lover of my soul 


© 2018 Fair Trade Global Songs, Jasmine Murray Publishing, Be Inspiring (BMI) / 2 Hour Songs (SESAC), Centricsongs (SESAC) / Matt Hammit Music (SESAC), Songs for FCM (SESAC).  All rights reserved.