(Jasmine Murray / Ross King/ Colby Wedgeworth)

Can You hear that my walls are falling down

I wouldn’t go back You’re taking over now

I won’t try to run my life

I’m giving all I got

Been far too long and I’m not strong enough

It’s time to stop


I give You control of everything of all of me

I’m letting go my heart is free cause I believe

Your plan is better than I’ll ever know

I wouldn’t do it on my own

This life was never really mine to hold

So it’s time to be out of control

Can You see that I’m falling on my knees

Like a white flag I am surrendering

Now I see that You got me and I’m not gonna stress

I trust Your ways for all my days and let You do the rest



I feel it in my soul I’ll never be ashamed

I’m losing all control I’ll never be the same


© 2018 Fair Trade Global Songs, Jasmine Murray Publishing, Be Inspiring (BMI) / Simple Tense Songs (ASCAP) / Fair Trade Music Publishing, Colby Wedgeworth Music (ASCAP).  All rights reserved.